Submission to The Northern Ireland Policing Board Thematic Review: Children and Young People

NICCY welcomes the Northern Ireland Policing Board’s (NIPB) Thematic Review of Policing Children and Young People and the consideration and assessment of Police Service of Northern Ireland’s (PSNI) compliance with relevant human rights and equality legislation in how it deals with children and young people (CYP), noting our previous involvement in informing the draft Terms of Reference, and further engagement with NIPB in January 2024. Parallel Report for the Baseline Report in Monitoring the United Kingdom December 2023.

This submission is set out in four sections noting relevant information and key issues for NICCY within each i.e. ‘Children’s Rights’, ‘Children and Young People as People of Interest’, ‘Children and Young People as Victims’, and concluding with ‘Further Comments’ including the PSNI’s Children and Young People Strategy.