Response to TEO on the ‘Strategy for Victims and Survivors of the Troubles/Conflict’ consultation

The Commissioner welcomes this opportunity to respond to the consultation on The Executive Office’s (TEO) ‘Strategy for Victims and Survivors of the Troubles/Conflict’ (the ‘Strategy’).

NICCY does not wish to make comments on the specific proposals outlined in the consultation document in detail, but rather wishes to alert you to the need to ensure that the experiences and views of children and young people are adequately reflected in the Strategy.

While children and young people in NI today have been born and are growing up in a time of relative peace and stability, the impact of the conflict is still heavily felt. Segregation and community division continue to impact on daily life for many children and young people. Research clearly shows unacceptable levels of child poverty, mental ill health, educational and health inequalities in the areas that have suffered most as a result of the NI conflict. To sustain a stable and more peaceful future requires cognisance of the reality of children’s lives and the continuing impact of the legacy of the conflict on young people growing up in NI today.